Anonymous: do you not find it a little douchey that ur bf used to make negative comments about ur body and with that in mind it wouldn't be too surprising if he got back with u bc u lost some weight- I think boys who make girls feel insecure about their gfs' bodies r scum personally

Hahah yeah he knows I think he was a douche back then and he agrees with me on that too, but he didn’t get back with me when I lost weight, we got back together and then I randomly started losing weight. 

I think not only boyfriends who make they’re girlfriends feel insecure about their bodies but also anyone in general that makes anyone feel insecure about their body are scums. It’s something that sticks in your head for a long long time. Watch your mouths assholes you’re crushing someones self estem which is very dangerous!

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Anonymous: Dude you've lost SO much weight recently. You look amazing. What did you do differently? x

You think? hahah thank you! I honestly haven’t been doing anything differently, I’m still eating what I want and not giving a fuck about losing weight and I’m in a happy and healthy state of mind instead of stressing about losing weight and letting it drag me down x